LMCU current account can be very useful for anyone looking for an easier, more affordable way to spend and access their funds. If you already have a bank account, but your account is constantly overdrawn or you pay hefty bank charges each month, then opening a Credit Union Current Account may be in your best interest. Credit Union Current Account will allow you to access your money via the Link ATM facility, with over 70,000 Link cash machines across the country. Furthermore, you can have your wages, salary, benefits or pension paid directly into your Current Account.


  • Have your credit union loan paid directly into this account
  • Transfer your credit union savings for easy access
  • Immediate internal and external transfers from your current account – online or in branch
  • Pay your bills via Direct Debit or Standing Orders and receive discounts
  • Choose the type of current account which suits your needs best (no “one size fits all” and no hidden charges)
  • Use your MasterCard debit card to take advantage of the best online offers
  • Use your card to pay for goods or services anywhere displaying the MasterCard sign
  • Benefit from our new overdraft and contactless facilities (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Check your live balance via our online banking, mobile app or over the phone


London Mutual Credit Union offers a range of current accounts suitable for every need. You can choose which one of the following accounts is best for you depending on the way you use your account and your card.

Value Plus account

Cashless lifestyle. If most of your bills are paid directly from your account, this option may suit you best. With Value Plus account you pay a fixed monthly account fee, which is inclusive of four domestic ATM withdrawals and four domestic ATM balance enquiries per month. For any withdrawals or balance enquiries over the free allowance you will pay as you go each time you use an ATM. You can also make cash withdrawals at LMCU branches free of charge (subject to the branch withdrawal maximum daily limit) but only after you have used up your daily maximum limit from ATM.

Value Plus account
Account fee £0.95 per week / £4.12 per calendar month
First 4 domestic ATM1 withdrawals per month Free
First 4 domestic ATM1 balance enquiries per month Free
Subsequent domestic ATM1 withdrawals (after the first 4) £0.50 per withdrawal
Subsequent domestic ATM1 balance enquiries (after the first 4) £0.10 per inquiry

Pay as you go account

Control of your finances. If you rarely withdraw cash from the ATM, this option could save you money. Pay as you go account holders pay a small monthly charge for account maintenance and then pay as you go for each ATM withdrawal or balance enquiry you make. You can also make cash withdrawals at LMCU branches free of charge (subject to the branch withdrawal maximum daily limit) but only after you have used up your daily maximum limit from ATM.

Pay as you go account
Account fee £0.70 per week / £3.00 per calendar month
Domestic ATM1 withdrawal £0.50 per withdrawal
Domestic ATM1 balance enquiry £0.10 per enquiry

Advantage account

The all-inclusive option for busy lifestyle. Advantage account is our All Inclusive and easy to maintain account. All you pay is a fixed monthly account fee and you can make unlimited domestic ATM withdrawals and balance enquiries at Link ATMs free of charge. In addition, you will not be charged an unpaid item fee if there are no sufficient funds in the account when your Direct debit or Standing order is due to go out. You can also make cash withdrawals at LMCU branches free of charge (subject to the branch withdrawal maximum daily limit) but only after you have used up your daily maximum limit from ATM.

Advantage account
Account fee £1.62 per week / £7.00 per calendar month
Domestic ATM1 withdrawal Free
Domestic ATM1 balance enquiry Free
Unpaid Items (i.e. returned Direct Debit) Free

E account

No-fee account for budgeting and bill payments. With E account you receive all the functionalities of a current account but without a debit card attached to it. You will benefit from having the use of a free current account, where you can receive salary or benefit payments and you can set up Standing orders and Direct debits to pay out. You can make cash withdrawals from E account in any of the LMCU branches (subject to the branch withdrawal maximum daily limit) for a small charge.

E account
Monthly account fee Free
Branch cash withdrawal £1.50 per hundred pounds

Teen account

Our Teen account is specially designed for young people aged 13 to 18 to help them achieve financial independence and learn how to manage their finances from an early age. The account is free of charge and our young members will receive a debit card, which they can use online, at retail outlets and Link ATM machines within the UK, also free of charge. This will allow them to have easy access to their pocket money and at the same time teach them to deal with money in a responsible way.

Teen accounts do not allow Direct Debits and Standing Orders to be set up on the account. Overdraft is not allowed for Teen accounts.

Please note that this account is only made available for use by the young person who is the account holder. It should not be used by others to receive payments or make withdrawals. We reserve the right to close the account or introduce a monthly fee if we find that you misuse the account.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have consent from your parent(s) or guardian(s) to open a Credit Union Current account. This must be provided in the required format upon application for the card.

Teen account
Account fee Free
Domestic ATM1 withdrawal Free
Domestic ATM1 balance enquiry Free
Replacement card (subject to Fair Usage policy) Free
PIN Reissue (subject to Fair Usage policy) Free
Copy statement or additional statement Free
ATM Usage (EURO) £1.35
ATM Usage Worldwide £1.95
Foreign transaction issuer mark-up fee 2.99%
Unpaid Items (i.e. returned Direct Debit) £15 (Free for Advantage account holders)
Unpaid/Dishonoured cheque £6.00
Formal overdraft interest 42.6%APR
Informal overdraft interest 42.6%APR
Online and Mobile Banking Services Free
SMS Services * Free
* Your standard mobile operator charges apply. Different charges may apply if you use the service abroad. Please check with your mobile provider.

Fair Usage policy

Members will be entitled to three replacement cards and three PIN reissues per year free of charge. Any requests for replacement card or PIN reissue over that annual allowance will be treated as excessive usage and may be charged as per the tariff below.

Replacement card £10.00
PIN Reissue £1.30


If you are already a member, you can choose the most convenient way for you to apply for a current account:

  1. Complete the online online application form
  2. Print & Complete the paper application and bring it or post it to one of our branches
  3. Over counter via four of our branch offices

To open a Teen account, please visit one of our branch offices.

If you are not a member please become a member first and then open the current account. Visit us at your closest branch office with the relevant identity or join the credit union online.


Please call us immediately if your Credit Union Current Account (CUCA) card has been lost, stolen, damaged or if someone else knows your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Have your account number ready, so we can validate you are the account holder.

To order a replacement card, we'll need to validate you are the account holder so please ensure you have your account number ready when you call. If you are not able to provide your account number we will need to ask you some additional security questions to validate your identity.

Call 0330 088 2747 if your card is lost or stolen.


Once you receive your new Mastercard debit card, you will need to activate it first before you can start using it. You must activate your card within one month of receipt.

Please call 0330 088 1728 to activate your card.

Calls to “03” numbers cost the same as a calls to a standard ‘’01’’ or ‘’02’’ landline number, even when calling from a mobile. Calls to an “03” number are also included in any bundled minutes or free talk time that covers landline calls. Where calls are made outside of a bundle you will be charged at local rates. For more information on the actual cost you’ll be charged, please contact your phone provider.

LMCU Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions

LMCU Fees and Charges Sheet

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