Many of us use credit cards over Christmas, however they can be a very expensive way to borrow. Providers will ask for a minimum payment each month, but this normally won’t help you clear the card, and the debt will grow.

At London Mutual Credit Union we care about your financial well-being. That’s why we offer a fair and simple alternative to credit cards. It’s available to all of our salary deduction partners, across the Armed Forces, NHS and many more.

A Commodo card could be used to help with Christmas shopping, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper offer prices, or to spread the cost of a larger purchase such as a new oven or boiler to see you through the winter months.

What makes a Commodo card great:

Use your Commodo card anywhere a MasterCard debit card is accepted. Debit card transactions are all included, with a small charge for ATM transactions.

The same amount will come out of your pay each month, based on your card limit. If you pay in more than you’ve spent, the money is yours for when you need it, and you won’t pay interest.

If your plans change or you want to control your spending, you can pause the card, allowing you to pay down the balance. Repayments will continue, with everything paid off in 18 months or less.

Get your balance at any time with a simple SMS.

Save as you go. You have the option to pay in more than you spend each month, and build savings.

Apply with no impact on your credit score. We do a ‘soft’ credit search so you can apply risk-free.

If you think you will need to borrow this Christmas, find out more about Commodo cards and join the invite list: