Back to School: Credit Union Support

How can your local credit union help with covering the costs of back to school?
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We understand that the never-ending shopping lists that come with back-to-school prep, can be difficult to keep up with. With only 3 weeks left of the summer holidays, we want to highlight some of the products we offer that could help our members to ace their back-to-school spending.

As your local credit union, offering the best financial solutions built around your individual needs is key. We offer a range of loans and accounts, as well as financial tips and support to our members. Our goal is to provide borrowing and saving solutions that put you in charge of your spending and on top of your savings.

Family Saver Loan

Our family saver loan may be the best solution if you are looking to spread the costs of back to school. Borrow up to £1200, when you arrange to have your child benefit paid into your credit union account. Easily re-pay your loan monthly with direct deductions from your child benefit allowance.

Personal loan

With our Personal Loan, you choose the amount you need to borrow, and how long you’d like to pay it back over at fixed monthly repayments. Perfect for life’s little surprises. If you work for an eligible employer you can pay this off even easier with salary deducted repayments.

Savings account

By opening a savings account with us, not only are you getting into a good habit, but you will be saving money that can be used in the future. Life is full of unexpected costs and charges, especially when you have children. Whether it’s new school shoes, dentist fees, or winter coats, it’s a good idea to start saving up to make sure you are covered.

Budget planner

Work smarter, not harder with our free Budget Planner. Get ahead of your spending and saving, by analyzing your income and outgoings. This could be a great way to visualize what you can afford to spend when shopping for back-to-school. The Budget Planner also goes hand-in-hand with our savings account and could really help you with working out how much money to put aside each month.

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