As we have entered another national lockdown and the vaccine roll-out begins we have heard of some new COVID-19 scams looking to take advantage of the public via text, calls and email. Here are a few recent scams to look out for:

NHS COVID-19 vaccine text scam

There have been reports of people receiving fake texts that appear to be from the NHS. These texts tell you that you are no eligible for the vaccine and to apply through a link. The form in the link asks for your bank details and it a scam. If you received this text, or any other that you are not sure is genuine, we advise not to click the link. You can check the genuine details of the NHS vaccination programme on the NHS website. Here you will find information on when you will be eligible. The vaccine will always be free of charge and the NHS has confirmed that they will never ask for your bank details to confirm your identity.

NHS staff bonus phone calls scam

There have been reports of phone calls targeting NHS staff in Scotland. The calls relate to a bonus payment and aim to gain bank details in order to make the payment. Whilst currently this scam appears to only apply to Scotland (as does the bonus payment), be aware of similar scams. Any such payments would be paid via normal payroll. If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up and contact your employer directly.

DPD courier scam

With more people ordering items online to be delivered to their door, criminals are targeting buyers with delivery related scams. Texts and emails appearing to come from a delivery company may ask you to enter your bank details to rearrange a missed delivery. Many of these are using the DPD name, however, that could change so be wary of similar messages. If you receive a message asking you to enter details for a redelivery always check back to your original order. Check which courier is sending your parcel, and use your tracking number provided in the original purchase email on their website. Don’t follow links in emails and texts if you are unsure.

Criminals are always finding new ways to target people so always double-check any unusual texts and emails you receive. If in doubt, look up the companies genuine contact details online via a search engine and ask if the message is genuine.

You can keep up to date with any potential scams on the Action Fraud website. You can also report any fraud attempts.

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