Don’t get caught in the minimum payment trap.

Paying the minimum payment on a credit card can lead to debt building and building. Our solution? The Forces Finance Card.

Why we launched the Forces Finance card

Credit cards are a safety net for many of us, but if you are only paying back the minimum payment debt can spiral, making it hard to get out. After listening to our members, we wanted to provide a safer alternative. A way to borrow affordably, with the convenience of a card, and simpler repayments. That’s why we launched the Forces Finance Card. The convenience of a MasterCard® debit card, simple affordable repayments and safety features to keep you out of problem debt, all in one card.

Fixed monthly repayments

You’ll repay the same amount every month, directly from your salary. So there’s no nasty surprises or hidden fees.

Forces Finance 5 star review

If you repay more than you spend in a month, the extra is yours to spend or save, and we won’t charge any interest.

Get your balance by text at anytime

You can send us a text at any time to see your balance, so you always know where you stand.

Safety first

Betting and online gaming sites are blocked by default. We are working with GamCare to help our customers to stay on track. Find out more about our work with Talk Ban Stop.

You will always be able to repay the full loan in 18 months or less. If you wish to pause or cancel the card you can do so at any time, and your repayments continue until the loan is cleared. And as always, there’s no extra fees for paying it off early.

A Forces Finance Card is a debit card, with a loan attached, that you repay directly from your Armed Forces salary. The card is available exclusively to our HM Armed Forces members, you can apply online, risk-free, with no impact on your credit file. Forces Finance has a credit limit of up to £2,000 and a low 19.6% APR.

Are you a salary deduction member working for another employer? Check out our Commodo cards.

London Mutual Credit Union

Serving over 33,000 members across the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Westminster and Camden, London Mutual is one of the UK's largest credit unions. Founded in 1982, London Mutual serves members across local government, the armed forces, healthcare and education.

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