If possible, use a cash machine inside a bank or shop – if that’s not possible, check the cash machine every time you use one and look out for:

  1. a wobbly or bulky part that doesn’t seem to belong with the machine, such as a cover over the card slot or a loose keypad
  2. be cautious using a ‘standalone’ machine, rather than a ‘hole in the wall’ embedded in the front of a building
  3. if the machine retains your card then advise your bank immediately so that the card can be can cancelled
  4. purchases or withdrawals appearing on your account that you don’t remember making – contact your bank immediately
  5. be aware of what’s going on around you and watch out for anyone standing too close, or trying to distract you and attract your attention
  6. always cover your PIN
  7. If you’re not sure or uneasy about anything then cancel the transaction and get your card back, and walk away