Mobile banking

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What you can do

  • View most up to date balance information of your London Mutual Credit Union accounts
  • View last 20 account transactions
  • Transfer money between your credit union accounts
  • Send secure messages to various LMCU Departments
  • Make payments to an external bank accounts

View available transactions

All your credit union account’s last 20 transactions with up to date balances are available


We take your security very seriously and have a number of security measures already in place so that you can feel confident using Mobile Banking. Please keep your internet / Mobile Banking login details safe and secure and don’t give it to anyone.

Please contact us immediately if you believe someone else knows your login details. Please read the Terms & Conditions for using London Mutual Credit Union’s Mobile Banking facility.

Changing my login details

You need to use your desktop computer to change your Password or Memorable question. Please select our Online Banking option from here Once you are in our login page select the relevant option from the right hand side.

Please note that changes to your login credentials are not available from our moble appls for security reasons.

What happens if I lose my phone?

No one can access your London Mutual Credit Union Mobile Banking facility without all two login credentials. [provided that you haven’t kept a record of your login details in your mobile] For added peace of mind, if your phone is lost or stolen, please contact us on 0203 773 1751 and we will de-register you from Mobile and Internet Banking. You could re-register for these services at any time when you are ready.

One of my accounts isn’t showing

You could inform the details to the credit union using the message option and we will do our best to resolve it.

Accessing from overseas

The app is fully accessible from overseas, however remember that Mobile Banking requires an internet connection to access your accounts. Data roaming charges can be very expensive, so please be extremely careful and check with your data provider before using Mobile Banking abroad.