Metin Basaran was living in a hostel when he first heard about London Mutual Credit Union. He heard lots of good things about being a member, so he signed up. He took a current account, which he’s stuck with. “I haven’t got a card but the reason being, I just budget a lot better because I have to come in the bank and draw my money out.”

Metin has also used LMCU’s various loan services when he’s needed to. The last one he took out was a Christmas loan, last year. “It’s just for when I need things like clothing or a bit of household furniture or bedding or you know. I’ll only get one when I really do need it and it’s there, it’s there for me.”

Metin’s benefits are paid directly into his account. He now lives in his own accommodation with his dog. “It’s just good knowing I’ve still got a few bob left in the bank, I’ve got to wait until 9:30 until it opens so it just makes me a lot tighter around my pennies.”
He would recommend London Mutual to anyone: “The bank overall is brilliant. I’ve never had any problem with them. I’ve always been comfortable with the bank. I always chat and have a laugh and a joke with them.”

London Mutual Credit Union is rooted in the community. It’s not like other banks as it’s owned by the members who use it. That means that whatever your circumstances, you will be treated as a person, not just a number.