Azeez Dasaolu moved to the UK in the summer of 2009, and soon found himself a job, at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital. But his lack of credit rating held him back from fully settling: “When you don’t have credit history, it’s difficult for you to access credit or other services.”

It was through Guy’s and St Thomas that Azeez found out about London Mutual Credit Union. He was given a leaflet during the induction process, and his line manager happened to be a member, so was able to tell him more. It didn’t take long for him to sign up.

“The credit union actually helped me develop a savings culture because they take the money out before you get your wages. Once they take out the money, then whatever that is left, you know is something you can play around with. I started with a little then I increased my savings gradually.”

“After while I was able to have other high street accounts. So I believe the Credit Union actually assisted me in building my credit rating. Because I’ve never missed payment, because I don’t have to think about it, it’s already gone through my wages before it gets to me.”

He quickly got into a saving pattern, and eventually was able to take out a loan from LMCU. By taking out the loan and paying it back, he was able to build up his credit rating.

“At least so far I’ve done more than 10 applications [with LMCU] and I’ve never been turned down,” he says. Unlike the high-street bank, where you may be looking for a loan and they may turn you down.”

Azeez says that LMCU has never let him down – helping him to save for Christmas, do up his home, and get a new car. Plus, he always has the money to renew his visa. “It has always given me peace of mind.”