Our Brixton Branch is Closing

We have made the hard decision permanently close our branch in Brixton. The good news is that there are other ways to manage your account and get support
10 acre lane

We’re sad to be saying goodbye to our branch at 10 Acre Lane, Brixton, on 20 May 2022. This decision has been prompted by a significant fall in the number of members using the branch. At the same time, more and more people from all backgrounds and ages are using online and mobile banking.

Even though the branch will be closing, we will be working hard to ensure that everyone in the local area can continue to use our services. Our other branches in Peckham and Walworth Road remain open as usual, and we welcome all of our members to visit when needed.

What does this mean for my account?

Your account with us is unaffected. You can continue to use it as usual via our online or mobile banking apps or by visiting a branch.

If you need help getting started with online banking, we would be happy to help. Please click here to get in touch, and if necessary, we can arrange a call or session to help you get set up.

Other face-to-face support in Lambeth

Even without a permanent branch, we are not leaving Lambeth! Residents in the borough can continue to join us and become members. As is already the case, you can also apply for a loan or begin saving with us at any time online, without the need to visit a branch.

We’ll also be announcing regularly scheduled ‘pop-up’ sessions in local community centres and other hubs ahead of the branch closing in May. We will hold these every few weeks. Like with our branches, this will be a walk-in service, allowing you to turn up and speak to a member of our team without the need for an appointment.

We also plan to increase the amount of outreach and partnership work we do, so you may even end up seeing us out and about in the local area more regularly than you do currently!

Why have we made this decision?

Over the past few years, we have seen a steep fall in the number of people using the branch, as more people of all ages and backgrounds use online and mobile banking to manage their accounts and withdraw cash using debit cards. 

With costs also increasing, the Board of Directors concluded that running the branch in Brixton was no longer the best use of our member’s money, or, for many members, the best or most convenient way of accessing our services.

Looking forward

We believe that by freeing up staff from behind the counter, we can ultimately make services more accessible to a broader range of members.

It will also enable us to develop our online and mobile banking tools, reduce waiting times, make other improvements to email and phone support, and introduce new options such as live chat.

Finally, we also plan to expand the range of outreach activities we do beyond our doorstep, as well as new partnerships with charities and community groups.

Without the need to maintain a permanent branch, we can go to where people are already. We hope this will enable us to be as engaged with the local community as we have been in the past.

Holly Hunt

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