Make things happen with fair and affordable loans

Whether it’s buying a new car, that home improvement project you’ve been putting off, dealing with life’s emergencies or getting on top of your other debts, we’re all about helping our members get fair, affordable credit when they need it.

Why a credit union?

Owned by the community

Why do we ask you to become a member before using our products? Because as a credit union, we’re owned by our customers, not shareholders. That means we’ll always do what’s right for you – not just what’s good for our bottom line.

Affordable and fair

By law, the maximum interest rate a credit union can charge is 42.6% APR and usually far less. With no hidden charges or early repayment fees, we can save you hundreds of pounds compared to credit cards and rip-off payday lenders.

Designed around you

Our partnership with the MoD means that we understand the specific needs and financial challenges of forces life. We’re committed to your success and helping you meet your financial goals. We’ll never try to sell you a product that isn’t right for you.