Employee financial well‑being benefits from a provider you can trust.

Improve financial resilience with salary deduction provided by London Mutual Credit Union.

We work with NHS Trusts, the Armed Forces and 25 employers across London to offer salary deduction as a benefit to their staff.

Salary deduction is a proven way of encouraging staff to build savings. And regardless of your organisation’s size, it is easy to implement, and comes at no cost to you.

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Who we work with

London Mutual Credit Union was the first provider of salary deduction in the UK, back in 1982. Today, we work with over 25 major employers, including leading London NHS Trusts, local authorities, and the UK armed forces nationwide. 

What makes us different

A credit union

We were founded by employees of Southwark Council in 1982, and continue to be owned by our members. 

In it for the right reasons

Our mission is to support our members, not to make a profit. So you can trust us to act in your colleagues’ best interests.

Salary deduction

We are trusted by major public sector employers including the Ministry of Defence, and are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and PRA.

Doing good

Every penny we make is paid back to our members as a dividend or reinvested in our services.

What members say


'London Mutual cares about its members'


'Being a member of London Mutual has saved me money'


'I have spent less time worrying about money since becoming a member'


'Being a member has made me better prepared to deal with the financial shocks of the past year'

Survey of current London Mutual Credit Union members November 2020, 554 respondents participating in salary deduction scheme via their employer.

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