Personal Loans

Borrow between £100 – £15,000 for any purpose and repay over 1-5 years (Max 26.82% APR, based on amount borrowed). 

Example: £2,800 borrowed over 2 years at 18.68% APR. Total repayable: £3,330.60.  All Loans are subject to our Lending Policy and Terms & Conditions

Borrow at great rates for any purpose 

Whether it’s for a new car, a holiday or home improvements, make your plans happen sooner with a credit union personal loan.

You choose the amount, how long to pay it back over, and a simple, fixed repayment amount, which, if you work for an eligible employer, can be deducted straight from your salary.

Personal Loans

Borrow Repay over APR
£100 – £999 3 Months  3 Years 26.82%
£1,000 – £2,499 3 Months  3 Years 21.50%
£2,500 – £4,999 6 Months 5 Years 18.68%
£5,000 – £7,499 6 Months  5 Years 13.68%
£7,500 – £9,999 6 Months  5 Years 10.69%
£10,000 – £15,000 1 Year 5 Years 9.38%

Key Features

  • Get a loan for any purpose
  • Decision and payment in 7-10 days
  • No impact on your credit file if you are not accepted
  • Decisions by a person, not a computer
  • Build savings as you repay

    Eligibility Criteria

    • 18-74 years old
    • In employment
    • A UK home address
    • Not in an IVA or bankrupt

    Will my application be approved?

    All our loans are subject to manual credit and affordability checks. Your application is more likely to be approved if:

    • You can comfortably afford the repayments alongside your other existing financial commitments
    • You have not engaged in risky behaviours (such as heavy gambling) which could call into question your ability to repay

    What you’ll need

    • A copy of your most recent pay slip
    • Your National Insurance Number
    • Your last two months bank statements, clearly showing your income
      Scanned copies, a screengrab or clear, high-quality photos can be accepted

    Good to know

    What can I get a loan for?

    A personal loan can be used for almost any purpose, from home improvements, purchasing a new or used car, a holiday, or any other large upfront costs. In general, you should not borrow in order to pay household bills or other ongoing or day-to-day expenses.

    How long will it take?
    The online application process should take around 15 minutes or less. Once submitted, it take between 7-10 working days to process your application, though during quieter periods it can be substantially faster.

    You can help to speed up your application by making sure you provide all the requested documents at the earliest opportunity, and by responding to any questions or requests from our team as soon as possible.

    Do I need to join the credit union before I apply?
    No. Assuming you meet the criteria for membership, you will become a member of London Mutual Credit Union at the same time as you apply for your first loan. We’ll ask for all the information we need, so there’s no need to complete two forms.
    Will I get the rate displayed?
    Our rates are based on the amount you are borrowing, rather than the person borrowing, so yes, in most cases, you will receive the rate displayed on the loan calculator.

    In a small number of cases, we may not be able to offer you the full amount you have applied for, because you have had difficulties repaying loans in the past, or we don’t think the full amount will be affordable to repay. If this happens, we may offer a lower amount with a slightly higher interest rate.

    In all cases, the amount we can offer you, the monthly repayment, and the amount of interest charged will be confirmed in your Loan Agreement, which we will send you to sign when we offer you a loan.

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    • Representative:  APR
    • Total cost of this loan:
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    All loans are subject to affordability checks and our Terms & Conditions. Loans are offered subject to status to members aged 18 or over. The rates displayed on this page are for illustrative purposes only, and the actual amount and interest payable will be indicated in the Loan Agreement provided when we offer you a loan.