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Savings and loans at the heart of the community with London Mutual Credit Union. We serve Lambeth, Southwark, Camden and Westminster, and members of the UK armed forces. Since 1982.

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Get a £2,000 overdraft when you save regularly into your credit union account

Introducing Salaryflex — a flexible overdraft built around your salary, from a lender you can trust.
Example: £2000 credit limit 19.6% APR

Salary-deducted savings and loans

Our salary deduction service is available to staff at 25+ major local employers, including those listed below. 

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Borrow and save with your child benefit

When you arrange to have child benefit paid into a credit union account, you’ll be eligible to borrow up to £600 towards childcare or other costs. We’ll even help you build your savings at the same time as you repay.


A better way to spread the cost of Christmas

Many of us use credit cards over Christmas, however they can be a very expensive way to borrow. Providers will ask for a minimum payment each month, but this normally won’t help you clear the card, and the debt will grow. At London Mutual Credit Union we care about...

Budgeting and Borrowing over the festive period

Christmas is always an expensive time of year. In the past we may have had parties and evenings out to think about, but this year things are looking a little different. Many of our members have faced some financial uncertainty in 2020 and you may still be unsure of...

About London Mutual Credit Union

We were founded by employees of Southwark Council in 1982. Since then, we’ve had one mission: serving our member communities by providing fair and ethical financial services that are relevant to their needs.

The community we serve (known in law as our ‘common bond’), now covers the heart of Central London. This includes the Boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Camden and Westminster, in addition to all serving members of the UK armed forces and anyone who worships at the New Testament Church of God. Family members living in the same household as one of these groups are also eligible to join.