Mobile banking
with us just got easier

Try our new digital banking apps

It’s easier than ever to manage your credit union accounts via our improved mobile app and online banking tools. To get started, download the app onto your phone or device.

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Why use digital banking?


Our new app has never been easier to set up and use.


Fingerprint ID and text messages keep your money safe.


Send money or pay bills in hours, not days.

Keeping your money safe

Security is our top priority, and our apps are designed with the latest privacy and security features. But keeping your money safe is a team effort, and there are some things you need to do to avoid fraud and to prevent others from gaining unauthorised access to your account.

Use a strong password

  • Choose a password that can’t be guessed, and make sure that it is unique, so that even if other website logins are hacked, your money is safe.
  • Your login details are personal to you, and shouldn’t be shared with anyone—not even a family member.
  • Our staff do not need your password to help you, and will never ask you for it.

Make sure it's really us

  • Criminals can steal your details by fooling you into entering them on fake websites which look real.
  • Log in directly from our website. We will never email or text you a link to log in.
  • Check the website is the real thing by making sure you are on ‘, and clicking the padlock icon to be sure.


Avoid shared computers

  • Avoid logging in on a shared computer or via public WiFi if you can—it’s safer to wait until you are home.
  • If you do use a public computer, make sure your username and password have not been saved.
  • Always log out when you are finished. 


What’s new?

The latest version of our mobile banking app includes improvements which make it easier to use than ever before.

View and manage your membership, savings, loans and current accounts

Log in and register in under five minutes within the app

Log in quickly with Touch ID or facial recognition (if your device supports it)

SMS security
(so there are fewer passwords to remember)