Back to School 

The weeks leading up to the return to school can often be costly, with shopping lists that feel never ending. Our aim as your local credit union is to offer the best financial support to our members, no matter your circumstances or borrowing needs.

We offer a range of loans  for all members, as well as savings solutions and financial tips and advice. Scroll down to see some of the products and services that could help you with your back to school costs.

Savings & Loans Made Simple

Borrow from child benefit —and build savings too

Family life is full of the unexpected. That’s why, when you arrange to have child benefit paid into a credit union account, you’ll be eligible to borrow up to £600 (up to £1,200 possible on future loans) towards a childcare deposit, school uniforms or other one-off costs. 

Anything left over goes into your membership account to build your savings, and once the loan is repaid can be used for Christmas, holidays or whatever else life has in store.

Family Saver Loan

Borrow Repay over APR
Your first loan
£100 – £600 3 Months  1 Year 42.6%
Subsequent loans (subject to approval)
£100  1,200 2 Years 42.6%

Key Features


Approved credit limit that's there when you need it


Repayments deducted directly from your child benefit


Build savings as you repay


All incomes and employment statuses welcome

Eligibility Criteria


18-74 years old


Receiving child benefit


A UK home address


Live or work in Southwark, Lambeth, Camden or Westminster

Regular Savings

Get into the savings habit by making regular deductions directly from your pay each month.

  • Save as you borrow
  • Access your money via our mobile app
  • Dedicated savings accounts for Christmas and holidays

Other Loans Available

If you are looking to borrow more and are currently employed, our other range of loan products are also available.

  • Apply online in 15 minutes
  • No early repayment charges or hidden fees
  • No negative impact if you are not accepted
Borrow Repay over APR
£100 – £4,999 3 Months  3 Years 13.68%
£5,000 – £7,499 1 Year  5 Years 6.9%
£7,500 – £15,000 1 Year  5 Years 5.9%

News & Updates


Back to School: Where to get Financial help 

If you are starting to feel stressed or are a bit worried about the costs of back to school, we have put together some organizations and ideas that might be useful to you…

School children running through school

Back to School: Credit Union Support 

How can your local credit union help with covering the costs of back to school?

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