Support Alessandro’s Half Marathon for Cancer Research UK

We'll be cheering on our colleague Alessandro this weekend as he takes on the Big Half to support Cancer Research UK.

Alessandro, a familiar face around London Mutual Credit Union, has always had a knack for sports, with football being his game of choice. But taking on a half marathon? That’s a new challenge he is taking on, and all of us at London Mutual couldn’t be prouder to support him as he takes on the Big Half this weekend to support Cancer Research UK.

How it started

It all started a few months ago when Alessandro was on the sidelines of another run, cheering on two of his mates. “The event had an incredible vibe, ” he says, and he was inspired seeing thousands of people coming together to raise money for important causes. This sense of community and bravery struck a chord, sparking an idea – maybe he could give it a go, too.

Over the years, Alessandro has taken part in various charitable events, supporting mental health, environmental issues, and cancer research. But when the thought of running a half marathon came up, he felt a deep connection to Cancer Research UK. Having lost someone close to cancer, this cause was personal and powerful to him and has driven his desire to raise as much money as possible for this vital cause.


Despite being passionate about the cause and goal, this is Alessandro’s first half marathon, so it is fair to say he has had to put the hours in to prepare. To get ready, he found a 10-week online training plan. It involved five days of intense running each week, with a mix of speed runs, recovery runs, and long runs, with increasing difficulty as the weeks progressed.

He has done all this while keeping up with his full-time job as part of our loans team here at London Mutual. “Working 9 to 5 job at London Mutual Credit Union and then in the evening training five days a week. It is tough!” he laughs. “Sometimes you don’t feel like running, or your mind is somewhere else on that day, but I find that when I have those days, I just need to push just a bit harder and give my best”.

With the run itself coming up this weekend, he added, “I am starting to feel a bit nervous because I set a goal in my head, which is to finish the half marathon in less than two hours.”

Words of Advice

Alessandro has the following advice for anyone considering a charity run: “Plan carefully, and share your fundraising journey far and wide. Think of the people cheering you on, those you might inspire, and the profound impact you’re making on your chosen charity.”


Just as he finds inspiration in others, Alessandro hopes his journey will motivate more people to get in on the action. Whether it is a marathon or any other fundraising activity, every little bit counts. “We are all part of the same world. If we can all do our small bit to help others, I believe one day we will have a better world to live in”, he says.

Staff across the team have chipped in to help Alessandro smash his £500 fundraising target, and from Tower Bridge to the Cutty Sark, we will be cheering him on every step of the way this weekend!

Click here to donate via Alessandro’s Secure Online Fundraising Page

Charles Nyamukasa

Digital Marketing Apprentice at London Mutual Credit Union.

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