Important: Current Phone Scams

Fraudsters are pretending to be your local bank or credit union in order to steal your card details. Here's how to spot the scam and stay safe.
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This week we have been made aware of a scam circulating in which fraudsters impersonate bank and credit union staff to steal victim’s card details.

In several cases elsewhere in the UK, victims have received calls that appear to be from their local bank or credit union but are, in fact, from scammers. The phone call falsely claims that the victim’s debit card has been cancelled. 

Then, while posing as an employee of the financial institution, they ask the victim to provide personal information, including card details. They claim this will enable the victim to access their cash another way until a replacement card arrives.

This scam relies on a technique called ‘call masking’. This technology hides the real identity of the caller. It can make the call appear on your phone as if it has come from our number, when in fact it is actually from a fraudster.

If you receive this type of call, please hang up immediately, and email us to let us know:
[email protected].

If you are unsure whether a call from us is genuine, please hang up immediately and wait five minutes to ensure you are fully disconnected. You should then phone us back on 020 3773 1751. Or, if you prefer, use the number on the back of your debit card.

Things We Will Never Do

  • Ask you to provide your full debit card details over the phone or by email
  • Ask for your PIN or online banking information
  • Ask you to email or text personal or banking information
  • Send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else
  • Send an email with a link to a page that asks you to enter your online banking log-in details
  • Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over cash
  • Call to advise you to buy diamonds, land or other commodities
  • Ask you to carry out a test transaction online
  • Provide banking services through any mobile apps other than London Mutual Credit Union’s official apps

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