A lot of people worry that Christmas is just around the corner, and there is still so much to do. Below are three simple steps that may help you navigate the winter holidays this year. Let us know on twitter or facebook, if you have any tips or advice to share!

Step 1 – Preparation.

Ideally this would be done during the previous month, but there is still time. You have to know how much you are able and willing to spend, and how much everything costs. You have to include presents, food, and any other activities. Grab a piece of paper or open excel and make two columns, income & expenditure, to see if you need make comprises or any other financial arrangement. Remember to get creative and find deals online, in supermarkets, or on the high street. You can organise a family secret Santa so that everyone is guaranteed one gift they want.

Step 2 – Determination.

It takes will power not to overspend or get caught up in the holiday frenzy, but if you followed step one then now is the time to see everything through calmly and responsibly. Buy what you can in advance, as popular items can be scarce during the holidays. By Christmas eve you should have everything bought and prepared. Try your best not put any extra pressure on yourself. For example if the gift you want to buy is sold out or very expensive, then it might be better to wait until the January sales.

Step 3 – Celebration!

This the most important step of all. Enjoy any time you have to with the people you care about, and have fun. Merry Christmas from London Mutual Credit Union and big thank you to all our members, staff and everyone else.